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My Modi Illusions Have Shattered, Thanks In Part To Donald Trump

By Riju Agarwal, The Huffington Post | June 9, 2016 During the 2014 general election, I, along with many other NRIs, pledged my vicarious support to the BJP and Narendra Modi. Any arguments that called into question Modi’s dubious human … Continue reading

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No, Nehru didn’t keep India out of UNSC or reject Kennedy offer; it is just rhetoric

By Sandipan Sharma, FirstPost | June 17, 2016 In a bid to discredit former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, dozens of myths are being propagated to make him look like a half-wit, whose policies and ideology somehow deprived India of its deserved … Continue reading

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A is for anti-national

In two years of the Modi government, a vocabulary reconfigured and routinised, that threatens to pit Indian against Indian — till the last election is won. By Amrita Dutta, The Indian Express | June 15, 2016 How many men were … Continue reading

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Gentrification of the BJP

All of a sudden, the BJP is not just in the running for national power, it is as much a challenger at the state level By Anil Padmanabhan, Live Mint| June 6, 2016 There is something very striking about the political … Continue reading

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Anti-‘beef’ rhetoric is being cooked over a slow fire again. But politics is the main course

By Sumit Mitra, The Economic Times Blog | June 2, 2016 ‘Beef’ returned to our plate this week with a forensic laboratory in Mathura issuing a report claiming that the meat found near the spot where Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten … Continue reading

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